A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Game by "Old Child Productions"

Game Summary:

In a world where the light has been stolen by Kali the devourer. You play as "Ziv" the last "Being of Light" in its quest to descend through the dungeon battling light devouring creatures to reach Kali and defeat it in order to release Uri the sun back to the sky to restore balance to the world.

Personal Journey:

This game started as an idea i came up with from a class exercise with the instructor. I was given a random item and told to create a story and history for it. i received a fluffy cotton ball and came up with the idea of light battling dark and began to plan out my game narrative and character design. in the beginning i was unsure about my character's design. it started off human and female and by the end of the design journey it became a glowing genderless dog. i had a lot of fun with this game using different religions and mythologies to create the game world. the names are a mix of hebrew and hindu the art style is a mix of american and japanese, the villains are a combination of them all.





Light projectile:T

Heavy projectile:R




Light Projectile:R1

Heavy Projectile:Square


Art Assets replaced, Screen shake added, Damage effect added, boss fight added, Screen wrap added. Multiplayer added


lightheartedbeta.app.zip 44 MB